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Speeding industrial facilities

Speeding industrial facilities ​​​​​​

​​Trade statistics

Trade statistics ​​​

Factory and Loan is a product that allows the investor to apply for industrial financing, including the allocation of a ready factory through a unified application More

SIDF new bylaws


Tamkeen system

Help you understand all the requirements needed to apply and follow up with your application and communicate quickly with our staff ...More

Export Finance supports local exporters and external buyers of Saudi goods ... More

Enhancing the logistics sector by providing financial solutions to Industrial support services and supply chain. The support also includes infrastructure projects for air, dry and...More

Support the growth of small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs ... More

Motivate industrial factories to increase productivity and enhance competitiveness in the industrial sector ...More

Encouraging local and foreign investments to increase local content and link supply with demand ...More

A loan to finance capital expenditures that do not result in increasing the production Capacity, but enhance the operational value related to the industrial activities ...More

Vision, Mission and Values

To contribute in making Saudi Arabia a global industrial leader by offering financial and advisory solutions ... More

Non-Commercially Viable Sectors

According to SIDF studies, KSA has reached self-sufficiency in some industrial sectors. Hence the following industrial ... More

Procedures and Documentation

In this phase, the loan application is formally accepted and registered. It is then given a number if the Fund's basic requirements are in ... More