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 About Us

The Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) contributes effectively to the realization of the goals, policies and programs of the Kingdom's industrial development, by providing the finance and advisory services needed to support the growth and development of the local industrialization and upgrading the level of the industry performance. Based on its developmental responsibility towards the manufacturing sector and its role in promoting industrial investment opportunities, SIDF adopts a set of standards and rules that ensure SIDF's optimal functionality and best delivery of mission. These standards are intended to verify the viability of the projects applying for SIDF's finance from both public and private economic perspectives, promote and encourage optimal investment opportunities for successful industrial projects. SIDF, aligned with its role and responsibility, endeavors to realize the following strategic objectives:​
  • Yielding a rewarding return on industrial investment 
  • Realizing a local and appropriate value added to the national economy
  • Import substitution, by replacing foreign imports with domestic production
  • Enhancing non-oil exports
  • Integrating the industrial sector with the other economy sectors
  • Increasing employment opportunities for Saudis by encouraging nationalization in the industrial sector 
  • Optimal local raw material exploitation management 
  • Attracting foreign capital, technology transfer and localization 
  • Promoting the culture of industrial safety and loss prevention in the industrial plants 
  • Promoting the awareness of environmental conservation in the industrial sector.​