About Us

Inspired by a daring vision to blaze a path to success for the industrial sector in Saudi Arabia, the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) was founded to play a leading role in effectuating development policies and programs. This vision recognizes SIDF as the primary financial enabler for the industrial transformation in Saudi Arabia.

Our Responsibility To Development

The Industrial Fund was set up to operate a vital role in promoting industrial investment opportunities, strengthening the local industry, and enhancing its performance. All these measures are realized by contributing to the formation of industrial sectors, boosting competitiveness, and sustaining strategic initiatives.

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SIDF In Line With Vision 2030

SIDF exerts all efforts to maintain its pioneering role in the development of the local industrial sector and keep abreast with the latest developments. It attains this goal by pushing for integration with government entities, and expands the reach of its support to cover a number of promising sectors in the areas of industry, energy, mining, and logistics.

A Historical Context (Our Journey)

SIDF was established in 1394 AH as a government financial institution to realize the objectives, policies, and programs of industrial development in Saudi Arabia. Such objectives are aimed at supporting the private sector in various industrial fields, financing and developing the industrial sector in conjunction with government entities. SIDF paves the way for the private sector to engage in constituting and sustaining a national industrial base effectively and adequately.

A Huge Step Forward

SIDF endeavored to scrutinize the local industry and conducted several sectoral, industrial, and marketing studies to manage and support several financing programs, including:

  • Manage the government financing program to finance Electricity companies operating in Saudi Arabia.
  • Manage the cooling warehouse financing program and the dates industry financing program.
  • Contribute to examining and analyzing the government support program for hospitals.
  • "Kafalah" program for financing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

A New Chapter

1439 AH announced a new chapter in SIDF's journey, as the Council of Ministers approved the amendment of SIDF's Basic Law. This transformation broadens its reach to support a number of promising new sectors in the fields of industry, mining, energy, and logistics.

A Future With Boundless Possibilities

SIDF has introduced a new package of financial products and services through the National Industrial Development and Logistics Program (NDLP) as a breakthrough in its quest toward realizing Vision 2030. NDLP contributes by adding SR 1.2 billion to GDP, generating jobs, improving the balance of payments, and strengthening the local content.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Values:

Client’s Success:

We support our clients to succeed as we measure our success by theirs.


We enable others to take ownership of the work we do and the outcomes we are trying to achieve together.

Team Work:

We work as part of a team to achieve the growth, development and prosperity of our country.


Development is at the core of our business. It underpins everything we do.


We show reliability in our work and all decisions taken.

Our Strategic Aspirations

SIDF provides financial support and advisory. Innovation is vital to the advancement and development of the local industry, therefore SIDF offers innovative solutions to raise and improve its level of performance. The measures taken to achieve these strategic objectives include:

No Strategic Objective Description
1 Increase economic impact Fund projects that ultimately contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Saudi Economy, through economic diversification, increasing national employment, promoting localization, etc.
2 Incentivize investments in national priorities Incentivize private sector clients to enter projects in national prioritized sectors through our attractive value proposition
3 Incentivize private sector funding Attract the private sector to increase participation in funding projects
4 Disseminate effective knowledge and insights Strengthen national capabilities and provide knowledge and data to serve the ecosystem, and support decision making by offering a selection of curriculums, courses and programs while sharing relevant, high-quality research, and thought leadership through utilizing internal and external capabilities such as international partnerships.
5 Advocate and facilitate between private and public sector Advocate for the private sector by actively identifying barriers with suitable solutions, and lobbying with relevant stakeholders to influence policy reforms where needed
6 Innovate and anticipate clients needs Proactively identify ecosystem needs, and accordingly improve, develop and launch offerings (financial and non-financial services and products) that maximize impact through utilizing internal and external capabilities such as international partnerships.
7 Deliver a seamless customer experience Deliver our value proposition across all customer touchpoints consistently and efficiently for a satisfied and retained customer
8 Improve internal processes Continuously evaluate and improve processes under each function across the organization for efficient, high quality and productive delivery of processes both internally and externally
9 Ensure financial sustainability Maintain a steady flow of income and a productive cost structure to enable the fund to continue both operational and growth activities
10 Improve governance risk management and compliance Enable the fund to reliably achieve objectives, address uncertainty and act with integrity
11 Optimize through digitization & automation Fully digitize and automate processes by ensuring the availability of systems and required capabilities, enabling the delivery of operational excellence
12 Attract and retain top talent Ensure the availability of high skilled human capabilities coupled with an environment that is engaging and cultivating for a retained and capable human capital base
13 Foster a culture of delivery and client centricity Cultivate a collection of values, expectations and practices that are guided by delivery and client centricity across the fund