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 Consulting Services

Financial Management

​​​Good financial management is a critical element in building a successful industrial organization. Therefore, the Fund provides ongoing services to help project sponsors to select and implement suitable financial systems and to improve the level of the financial management of existing SIDF-financed projects in the following areas:

•  Accounting systems.
•  Budget projections.
•  Cash management.
•  Costing systems.
•  Working capital management.

Operation Management

A project, which operates efficiently and effectively, will generate rewarding profits. With this in mind, the fund's consultants help project sponsors to define their goals and objectives, select a viable business plan, implement proposed policies, hire qualified personnel and apply systems and controls, which lead to the success of the project. These consultancy services concentrate on the following:

•  Business planning.
•  Operational planning.
•  Performance assessment programs.
•  Management development.
•  Internal audit.
•  Efficiency improvement programs.

IT Consultancy

ITD provides technical advice to maximize the benefits of the new Information Technologies as part of the Fund's loan request processing procedure. It is also an essential element in assisting the project to take right decision at the right time. 

Technical management

The Fund's technical consultants provide relevant consultation on various activities aimed at increasing production efficiency and productivity relying on specialized scientific techniques and applying advanced analytical methods. These include the following:

•   Optimum choice of manufacturing methods.
•   Quality control.
•   Production cost reduction.
•   Capacity expansion.
•   Productivity improvement.
•   Production planning.
•   Inventory control.
•   Maintenance programs.
•   Review of raw material suitability and sources.
•   Review of technology transfer agreements and special licensing from international companies.
•   Factory safety assessments and loss prevention advice including environment protection measures.

The Division consists mainly of three teams. Each team, managed by a Team Leader, employs various skill types and qualities such as System Managers, Technical Support Specialist, Technical Support Senior Programmer, Technical Support Programmer/Analyst, Technical Support Programmer and Computer Technician.

Marketing Management

Knowing the market, customer preferences and international competition are basic elements in the success of any industrial organization. SIDF marketing consultants provide assistance in collecting and analysing marketing information to build a solid base for management decisions. They will also assist a project's sponsors in formulating strategy to strengthen the organization's position in the market based on its competitive advantages. SIDF services in this field include the following:

•   Marketing strategy.
•   Determining market segments.
•   Market and consumer research.
•   Competition evaluation.
•   Market share and positioning analysis.
•   Product definition.
•   Pricing and branding policies.
•   Filling and packaging policies.
•   Distribution policies.
•   Promotional methods.
•   New product evaluation.
•   Export Market Evaluation.