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SIDF has continued its outstanding performance in developing the local industrial sector. The number of loans approved by the Fund during the year amounted to 137 worth SR 10.571 million. The loans helped to set up 120 new industrial projects and expand 17 existing ones with total investments of SR 45,361 million. The amounts disbursed during the year stood at SR 7,419 million, increasing by 11% of the total amounts disbursed in the preceding year. On the other hand, the loans repaid by borrowers during the year totaled SR 4,296 million. SIDF approvals during 1438 / 1439H (2017) indicate that the new industrial projects’ share of SIDF total approved loans was greater than the expansion projects’ share. During the year, 120 loans were extended to finance new projects with a total value of SR 9.234 million, accounting for 88% and 87% of the total number and value of SIDF approved loans respectively. SIDF lending activity during the fiscal year 1438 / 1439H (2017) featured the increase of loans provided to projects located in the promising regions and cities in terms of number (45%) and value (26%) of the total of SIDF approved loans. This is in comparison to 14% and 15% of the total number and value of loans respectively which had been approved for such projects before the new lending policy has come into effect as financing has increased from 50% to 75% of the project cost and repayment period has been extended from 15 to 20 years.


A further feature of SIDF achievements during 14381439/H (2017) is the high percentage of loans approved to small industrial projects (loan up to SR 15 million) as they constituted 56% of the total number of loans approved by the Fund during the year.



Overall, the Fund approved 4216 loans since its inception in 1394H until FY-end of 14381439/H (2017), with a value of SR 147,939 million. The loans helped to set up 3,108 new projects and expand 1,108 existing ones all over the Kingdom. Furthermore, the loans disbursed under these approved commitments totaled SR 102,240 million of which SR 63,629 million were repaid. This highlights the success of SIDF-financed projects and its professional expertise and advisory services provided to them in the technical, administrative, financial, and marketing fields.