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 Financing of logistics and industrial support services projects

In cooperation with the National Industry Development and Logistics Program (NIDLP) and the transport sector, SIDF provides financial and advisory solutions to the logistics sector and all industrial support services and supply chains, through comprehensive services that include:


  • Third-Party Logistics Providers: including the establishment or expansion of value-added warehousing, required support in transportation and IT systems for logistic services.
  • Air, Road and Sea Ports Infrastructures: to provide the necessary requirements and systems employed in the design and construction of ports such as public roads and water supply networks.
  • Port Handling and Support Services: by providing solutions to the process of unloading goods from ships, trains, and aircraft through cranes or specialized equipment.
  • Cargo Ships Services: including the construction, manufacture or purchase of containers and feeder ships.
  • Air Cargo Projects: including support for air cargo companies that provide international and local services to link global markets.
  • Rail Transport Projects: including locomotives, freight vehicles, and all related maintenance​