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 Enabling the Investor

To improve working proceedings, promote the investor's experience, and facilitate finalizing procedures; SIDF has propounded and delivered a number of initiatives to enhance the client's experience: 


Enhancement of​ Loan Procedures:

This initiative aims to reduce the approval and disbursement period of loan applications. It also seeks to enhance the evaluation and analysis quality. SIDF conducted further reviewing and redesigning of lending procedures to implement effective loaning methods, encompass the difference between projects in terms of evaluation and procedures.


Facilitating Disbursement Procedures: 

 By redesigning its procedures and adopting advanced modern technology in disbursing the approved amounts, this initiative proposes to reduce the disbursement period to the least possible amount of time. As well as disbursing (30%) of the loan in advance in some specialized financing programs.

 Electronic Loans and Smartphone Applications: 

An initiative that acts as a driver for the automation of the loaning procedures and transactions in addition to implementing many loaning procedures electronically from everywhere.


Updating Pricing Procedures: 

An initiative that enhances SIDF's relationship with all clients through underpinnings of transparency and efficiency, by setting a maximum limit for follow-up fees and design a pricing system that commits to four principals:

  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Sustainability​
  • Flexibility