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 Important Information for Investors

Make sure you: 

1.     Identify non-commercially viable industrial sectors in the local market, or that are not supported by SIDF

2.     Contact the Clients Relation department to explore in-depth investment ideas and requirements before filing your financing application

3.     Employ a consulting firm during the project's implementation phase

4.     Employ an accountant from an auditing firm to audit the projects' financial accounts throughout the term of SIDF loan is highly advisable.


List of industrial products that are currently not financed by SIDF for new projects:

  • ​Hollow Steel Section (Tubes)
  • Vitrified Clay Pipes
  • Recycling Base Oil
  • Paper Bags
  • Fresh Dairy Products
  • Artificial & Compressed Foam
  • Steel Storage Tanks
  • Steel Fabrications -Light . Med , Heavy Cold / Hot Rolled Steel Sections - (profiles , angles, channels, beams, round bars, flat bars)
  • Conventional Structural Steel.
  • Steel Rebar
  • Double Glazed Glass.
  • Steel Billets.
  • Aluminum Fabrication and Cladding.
  • Automatic Bakery are making Croissant, Pastry-Puffs, Cupcakes and Mammoul.
  • Cartons Duplex and Corrugated.
  • LLDPE Colored Powder.
  • Interlock & Curbstone Industry.
  • Crushers.
  • Aluminum doors and Windows.
  • Ice plants.
  • School notebooks manufacturing.
  • Sulphuric acid.
  • Medium and low pressure Iron pipes.
  • Cement blocks and tiles.
  • Scrap iron shredding and recycling.
  • Pre-Printed Steel Coils
  • Terrazzo & Mosaic Tiles.
  • Traditional Prefabricated buildings.
  • Commercial Printing
  • Writing papers.
  • Dairy products from milk powder.
  • Leather tanning.
  • Meat packaging.
  • Dates packaging.
  • Electric wires.
  • Raw asphalt and bitumen.
  • Egg trays.
  • Fiberglass tanks.
  • Monolayer films and LLDPE films.
  • Traditional plastic products.
  • Precast concrete.
  • Wet Glue Labels.
  • Steel Lattice Towers
  • Gypsum powder and Gypsum boards.
  • Soft drink cans.
  • Pre-engineered buildings.
  • Thermoblocks
  • Decorative Stones Cutting
  • Ready mix.
  • Bottled drinking water.
  • Pozzolan Blocks.
  • Steel Drums (Barrels).
  • Pre-insulated Pipes.
  • Steel Pipes Coating.
  • AAC Blocks & Panels.
  • Artificial Stone.
  • Marble & Granite.
  • Building Chemicals (Concrete Admixture, Tile Adhesive, Waterproofing Powder, Epoxy Floor Coating).

* This list is subject to alteration at any time without prior notice.