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 SIDF Wins The King Abdulaziz Quality Award


Competing With 300 Private and Government Entities

SIDF Wins The King Abdulaziz Quality Award

SIDF Wins The King Abdulaziz Quality Award in its fourth session of 1439/2018. The award is selected from the government sector of affiliates of ministries (Bronze level), in which government sector has been given the chance to compete for the award for the first time.

The achievement is considered one of the most important indicators of The Fund's application of quality techniques and efficiency development as well as its constant pursuit of improving internal processes by providing products and services that meet investors' expectations. It also reflects SIDF commitment to success in the industry sector as one of its major values. The King Abdulaziz Quality Award is known as one of the most important aspects that is geared to promote the concepts of quality and corporate excellence to achieve Saudi Vision 2030. It is the highest award among those approved by The Kingdom.

It is worth mentioning that more than 300 government, private and non-profit entities have competed for the award, of which 134 have met the required requirements. Of those entities, 40 have reached the office and field assessment stages. SIDF won the award alongside 26 other winning entities, including 13 government organizations.   


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