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 Local Consultancy Firms

There are many licensed consultancy firms operating in the Kingdom which provide economic advisory services and conducting feasibility studies for industrial projects. A list of such firms is accessible from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI) and chambers of commerce. Information on licenses and activities of the operational consultancy firms in the Kingdom is posted on MCI’s portal by clicking the link:
Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) does not stipulate that loan applicants provide feasibility studies conducted by consultancy firms for their industrial projects, as long as they are capable by themselves to prepare these studies, containing the detailed data necessary for the project being appraised by SIDF in terms of its marketing, technical and financial merits, as outlined in the SIDF Loan Guide. Further information on feasibility studies is available on SIDF’s portal by visiting the link:
With intention to further facilitate and streamline the processing of small industrial projects, applicants are only required to fill in the Small Industrial Project Loan Application Form, instead of submitting a feasibility study.