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 List of e-services for customers (SLA)


Service Name​

Duration of completion

1 Industrial Loan Request *4 Months
2Industrial Loan Inquiry * Instantaneous


Land & Industrial Loan (Modon) *4 Months
4Non-Borrowing Certificate for Customers *one Day
5​Non-Borrowing Certificate for Non Customers *Instantaneous
6​Termination of Loan Commitment based on Sponsor’s Request *2 Weeks
7​Rescheduling of Principals Installments *8 Weeks
8​Extension of Commitment Period *1 Week
9​Changing Ownership *4 – 6 Weeks
10​Extending Signing Agreement Date *1 Week
​11Request for Approval of Change of Supplier *2 – 3 Week
​12Disbursement *4 Week
​13Loan Repayment *1 Week
​14Multi Purpose Loan *9 Weeks Maximum
​15Industrial Digital Transformation Program *6-8 Weeks Maximum
​16Energy Efficiency Program *6-8 Weeks Maximum
​17SME Scale Up Initiative *4 Months
​18Re-Opening of Closed Applications (PS) *2 Days
​19Land & Industrial Loan in SPARK King Salman Energy Park (SPARK) *4 Months
​20Financing of Logistics and Industrial Support Services Projects *4 Months


* If all supporting documents were submitted in a timely manner. 
If there are comments on the level of service above you can communicate through the contact us page