Advisory Services ​​​​​

SMEs have an important role in our economy and given the challenges they face to sustain growth; a specialized team of SIDF advisors intends to support them by exploring appropriate opportunities to improve performance and achieve growth and sustainability.​

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Driven by its responsibility towards the development and enablement of the Kingdom’s industrial sector and with more than 47 years of experience, SIDF’s Advisory Services ​ ​​aim at supporting SMEs in enhancing performance and achieving sustainable growth.

Due to its expertise in the Technical and the Market Studies field, SIDF has become the ideal provider of consultancy in:

1. Cost Optimization.
2. Go to Market Strategy.
3. Plan​t Performance Optimization.

The service is provided within 3-4 weeks by the Advisory team in which they conduct site visits and holds meetings with the management.
After that, the team analyzes the facility status and its strengths and weaknesses to identify opportunities for growth. The outcome is a report outlining the key findings, analysis and applicable solutions in order to improve performance.


1. Cost Optimization:

  • Provide analysis on direct and indirect costs
  • Comparison of cost position to the market
  • Analysis of raw material costs, suppliers, procurement... etc.

2. Go to Market Strategy:

  • Provide recommendations to improve the Go to Market Strategy
  • Advise on sales and Go to Market Strategy by studying prices and product assortment
  • Analyze market share, target clients, structure sales channels, and client segmentation​

3. Plant Performance Optimization:

  • Conduct a diagnostics analysis on the operations of the facility and production processes.
  • Identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and pain points.
  • Provide recommendations on performance enhancement based on industry best practices and benchmarks.

Who is eligible to benefit from the Advisory Service

SMEs as per thee definition of Monshaat in the industrial sector with an operating factory.