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 Multi-purpose Loan (Medium-Term Financing)



It is a multi-purpose loan to finance capital expenditures that do not result in increasing the production Capacity, but enhance the operational value related to the commercial activities. Some of the assets that are typically qualified to be financed under this loan: replacement of machinery & equipment, buildings and warehouses, computers and software (ERP)…etc.

Target Group

  1. Existing factories.
  2. Existing or future clients

    Special Conditions

  1. Investments that do not result in increasing production capacity.
  2. Investments that have clear operational value add to the business.
  3. Borrower company with a track record of profits (Last 2 years).


  1. Medium-term finance for a maximum period of 5 years.
  2. 30% Upfront disbursement of the loan.
  3. Rapid assessment track.

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