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 Entrepreneurs Program (Badir)


The program support entrepreneurs with distinctive industrial idea in accordance with the agreement signed between SIDF and KACST's Badir program in technology incubation. It supports project from study to production phases.


The program aims to:

Encourage new entrepreneurs in various industrial sectors to start their industrial projects and help them in obtaining SIDF Finance and Equity Finance.



  1. Loan applications accepted without a proof of credit worthiness (to be requested after financing).
  2. Advisory and support through the Business Accelerator.
  3. Financing up to SR 650,000 of pre-operating expense by Badir.
  4. Conditional Loan Approval prior to securing the Equity Finance with a grace period of 24 months.



  1. The project must be within sectors eligible for SIDF financing.
  2. The project must be Accepted in the Industrial Business Accelerator by Badir.


    How to apply:

    You can apply to Badir via this link