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 Tawteen Program


From our vision "to be the primary financial engine driving the Kingdom's industrialization", SIDF has launched a program called "Tawteen". Tawteen program built to support and enhance the direction of increasing local content spending and contribute towards the Kingdom's vision 2030 objectives. The program developed new products and services to facilitate, promote, and finance the supply chain localization opportunities. To achieve this, we have engaged in partnerships with the leading companies in Saudi, to support them substituting imported products and spare parts with locally manufactured products in order to localize major company's supply chain.

Tawteen program will help to stimulate investment activities and support the national local content strategy, through the financing solutions that provided by SIDF with a preferential financing term.


Tawteen program aims to: -

  1. Support opportunities to localize supply chain in major companies
  2. Substitute imported products with locally manufactured products
  3. Increase spending percentage in the local content


Tawteen program focuses on stimulating local and foreign investments to increase local content and link supply with demand.


Tawteen advantages: -

  1. Preferential financing terms
  2. Linking services with the company's procurements
  3. Advisory services


SIDF has signed a number of agreements with a Kingdom's national champions in order to reach the objectives of the Tawteen program, and they are as follows: -


 Company Name

Initiative Name

Opportunities link


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