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 Enabling the Investor


Aiming to develop business procedures and enhance the investor's experience, the Saudi Industrial Development Fund (SIDF) implemented a number of initiatives that contribute to improving its relationship with clients as follows:


  • Enhancement of Loan Procedures: 

The "Enhancement of Loan Procedures" initiative aims to reduce the period of loan approval and disbursement and enhance the level of evaluation and analysis. SIDF reviewed and redesigned the lending procedures, which led to an efficient process taking into consideration the difference between projects in terms of evaluation and procedures.


  • Facilitation of Disbursement:

During the past years, SIDF adopted the old method of disbursement in which payments are disbursed after conclusion of the agreement, registration of the mortgage, submission of necessary guarantees and fulfillment of any conditions precedent or any disbursement-related conditions based on actual implementation (if any) and other conditions.  Currently, the Fund is working on reducing the disbursement period as much as possible through the rearrangement of disbursement mechanism and adoption of modern technology for loan disbursement as well as payment of (30%) of the loan in advance in some specialized financing programs.


  • E-Loan and Smartphone Application:

SIDF has gone a long way in the automation of procedures and lending transactions, whether internally between the staff or externally with clients. E-Loan System has been implemented to facilitate the procedures for clients so that they can apply for a loan at any time and from anywhere. Moreover, a smartphone application has been launched to finalize many borrowing procedures quickly and easily.



  • Updating Pricing Mechanism:

SIDF has proposed an "Improvement of Cost Calculation" initiative which sets a maximum limit for follow-up fees taking into account development objectives. It has designed a pricing methodology based on four main principles (Transparency, efficiency, sustainability and flexibility) in order to ensure that SIDF's relationship with all clients is based on transparency and efficiency.