SMEs have a major role in the Saudi economy and and in​​ appreciation of the challenges faced by the owners of these projects in finding appropriate financing for their projects,the Afaq program was established to meet the needs of owners of small and medium industrial projects. ​

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Industrial Business Incubators ​​ ​:​

  • The program aims to motivate industrial entrepreneurs to transform the​ir ideas into promising pioneering projects in the sectors financed by SIDF (Industry, Energy, Mining and Logistics).
  • The program is designed to activate partnerships with business incubators in order to provide industrial entrepreneurs with a package of services that support their start-up projects from their early stages to receiving the loan.

Requirements to A​pply for the Program:

  • The applicant or his partner must be a Saudi national.
  • The project must be economically viable.
  • The project must fall within the sectors financed by SIDF (Industry, Energy, Mining and Logistics).
  • Project should not fall within sectors that are not financed by SIDF currently. For more details, please click here

Program Benefits:​

  • Provide necessary advisory during the preparation stages of the project and feasibility study.
  • Offer training and workshops to support the development of the project.
  • Provide legal, accounting, financing, marketing and engineering advisory services.
  • Link the projects to a network of investors to fulfill the creditworthiness requirement and get an SIDF loan.
  • Accept an investor’s loan application without evidence of creditworthiness. However, the evidence must be submitted prior to signing the loan agreement.

Partner Business Incubators:

  • King Saud University (KSU).
  • ​Prince Sultan bin Abdulaziz Development Fund (PSDF).

The scope and benefits of this program are unified for both partners, but the method used in presenting the program may differ depending on the different policies and procedures of each partner.

Ask an Expert Initiative:

It is one of SIDF initiatives where SIDF experts provide technical advisory in several fields such as manufacturing, construction and industrial safety. The initiative aims to support investors in all SIDF-financeable sectors (Industry, Mining, Energy and Logistics) through Nawafeth platform of Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority.


  • Easy and quick access to SIDF experts.
  • Inclusive of all NIDLP's Program sectors.
  • Free of charge.
  • For all SMEs.
  • For all investors in the targeted sectors (SIDF clients/nonclients).

SMEs Scale-Up Initiative

In line with supporting promising small and medium-sized industrial enterprises, SMEs Scale-Up Initiative was launched to provide financial facilities to increase production capacity and deliver the growth and expansion that resonates with our investor’s aspirations. This initiative is available for both new and existing investors with good SIDF standing.

The Program Incentives Offer:

  • Longer tenure (minimum of 8 years).
  • Longer grace period (up to 24 months).
  • Possibility to reduce net worth requirement to 50% of the loan amount.
  • Upfront disbursement of 30% of the loan amount.

The Initiative Requirements:

  • Brownfield projects with 3 years audited financials.
  • Increase in revenue -or- volume sold.
  • Terms and conditions apply.

* Contact the relationship manager to confirm eligibility.​

Tomoh Industrial Track:

This track targets developing fast growing small and medium industrial enterprises in “Tomoh” Program under the Small and Medium Enterprises General Authority (Monsha’at), aiming to create added value to foster their growth and develop their capabilities by linking them with service providers and support agencies from the public and private sectors


  • Diagnostic analysis of enterprise business to identify aspects of development​
  • Designing a growth plan for the enterprise
  • Leveraging services provided on “Tomoh” platform
  • Measuring the program impact on enterprise activities

Target Group:

Fast-growing Small and Medium Industrial Enterprises.

In collaboration with:

About Tomoh:

An integrated system that supports fast-growing SMEs, to enhance their growth and help them exceed their predictable pathway, by linking them to service providers and public and private sectors' support bodies, absolutely after conducting an extensive diagnosis of the SMEs businesses and identifying the aspects of their development,For more information about Tamoh services, visit​. ​