Mining Sector

Expansion in Financing the Mining Sector

The mining sector is one of the major targeted investments of Vision 2030 due to the following:

  • Availability of untapped mineral resources in the Kingdom.
  • The geographical location of the Kingdom serving as a link between three continents (Asia, Africa and Europe).‎
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SIDF financing of the mining sector aims to:

  • Develop the mining sector, raise its contribution to non-oil GDP, and increase job opportunities.
  • Contribute to increasing the flow of domestic and foreign investments in the Kingdom.

SIDF also supports the mining sector by:

  • Financing mining projects for all minerals up to 75% of the costs of eligible projects.
  • Financing the final stage of the exploration process, which includes drilling and preparation of mines.
  • Fostering support services companies to enhance the value added and sustainability of the mining sector in the Kingdom.