Energy Sector

A promising sector to invest the potentialities of the Kingdom

The renewable energy sector is one of the targeted sectors of the ‎Kingdom's Vision ‎2030‎, due to the Kingdom's following several merits:‎

  • A large regional market in the Arab Gulf region, the Arab world, and ‎North Africa.‎
  • A center of development and manufacture of several energy ‎products and equipment leveraging its strategic geographical location.‎
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SIDF aims at supporting the renewable energy ‎sector to achieve a set of goals:

  • Achieving the national ambitions in the production of renewable ‎energy.‎
  • Enabling the renewable energy components industry to meet ‎local and international demand.‎

SIDF will contribute to:‎

  • Financing the establishment of sustainable industrial parks for ‎renewable energy.‎
  • Financing and promoting local developers in the field of ‎independent renewable energy.‎
  • Raising the quality of the specialized products in both solar and wind energy, and align them with local and international ‎demand.‎
  • Financing renewable energy production projects for the ‎industrial, commercial and agricultural sectors.‎