Human Resource Development

Upskill, Enrich, Support, Qualify

Human Resource Development

As part of its efforts to develop the work environment across its channels and create an attractive competitive environment for top national talents and expertise, SIDF continues to apply the best international quality and efficiency standards. In fact, SIDF has realized several outstanding achievements in this context in 2021, including:


First: Organizational Culture

Being awarded the Great Place to Work certification for the second year in a row after competing with hundreds of entities at the Arab and international levels, achieving remarkable ratings in the Kingdom and Asia. SIDF has also achieved the highest client satisfaction rate since the launch of this indicator with a rate of 75% for 2021, ranking fourth among all participating government entities in the Kingdom. This further enhances SIDF's position as an ideal work environment that attracts the largest number of distinguished national talents and competencies.


Second: Recruitment

By the end of 1442 - 1443 A.H., the total number of male and female SIDF employees reached 961, of which 923 are Saudi nationals, occupying a range of leadership, supervisory, specialized, professional, technical, and administrative support positions. As such, the percentage of Saudi employees reached 96% of the total number of employees. During the same year, SIDF attracted and employed 161 employees across departments and divisions, concentrating on departments that carry out main activities, to contribute to achieving SIDF’s main objectives in supporting and developing the industrial sector in the Kingdom.



employee by end of 2021



employee attracted across different departments


0 %

percentage of Saudi employees

Third: Training and Qualifying

The Human Resources Department applies modern standards in qualifying and training Saudi cadres through training programs that meet career progression plans in various SIDF job categories, tackling all areas related to the nature of business functions. Programs held for Saudi workers inside and outside the Kingdom during the year of the report, included specialized basic courses, short courses, panel discussions, professional seminars and conferences, exhibitions, training courses, and practical on-the-job trainings, adjusted to meet COVID19- precautionary measures. These programs are as follows:


6 employees

trained at Modon


8 interns

trained at Engie


45 Nokhab

program trainees


7 employees

trained at Roland Berger


3 employees

trained at Jacobs


8 employees

trained at IKEA


10 employees

trained at French Agricole bank


30 Master's scholarship

candidates who pursued their degrees outside the Kingdom, 10 of whom enrolled in the top 10 universities in the world


120 employees

orientation sessions in partnership with distinguished training entities


55 cooperative training

candidates from Saudi universities


591 employees

attending general and specialized courses


12 employees

with accredited professional certificates


18 employees

in HiPo program

Fourth: SIDF Academy


Entrepreneurship and Business Path


Digitization and Innovation Path


Financial Path

The SIDF Academy played a vital role in supporting SIDF's operations and ensuring their continuity, despite the significant challenges that SIDF faced due to the restrictive measures to counter the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to the closure of businesses across the Kingdom and the world in 2020. The SIDF Academy has fulfilled its commitment to provide high-quality training programs to SIDF employees as well as non-SIDF individuals and companies working in the industrial field through the establishment of a remote training platform. With the severe impact that travel restrictions had on the overall availability of external training opportunities in the Kingdom, SIDF Academy took a proactive approach to unique and valuable learning expertise by forming strategic partnerships with world-leading educational institutions.

Academy Vision

To be the primary knowledge hub building human capabilities in priority sectors essential to achieving industrial evolution in the Kingdom.

Academy Mission

To build human capabilities within the industrial ecosystem SIDF employees, customers, and other institutions – through holding world-class programs in partnership with leading training and learning institutions and adopting the latest methods that reflect SIDF’s main functions in line with national goals.

Academy Strategic Objectives


Developing specialized programs that focus on SIDF main functions.


Strategic alignment with government and private entities within the industrial ecosystem


Building human capabilities to serve SIDF industrial development needs, SIDF customers, and the industrial ecosystem


Concluding strategic partnerships with leading local and global learning and educational institutions to enhance the learning journey.


Building a matrix of skills and competencies in line with national goals.

Beneficiaries of the Academy Program

The Academy offers various specialized training programs targeting each of the following segments:


SIDF Employees


Employees of the Industrial Sector


Private sector companies operating in the industrial sector.

Achievements of the Academy

The Academy has realized several distinguished achievements that left a positive impact on work processes across SIDF channels, namely:

1- Building, designing, and providing high-quality academic programs aimed at creating an impact on the development of cadres and improving the efficiency of government and private sector employees in the industrial field.

Impact of this achievement

• • Identifying training needs to achieve the objectives of the industrial ecosystem and empowering employees in the appropriate industrial sector training fields. • Increase the knowledge, skill, and competence of participants, which contributes to professional and institutional development. • Contribute to the development of talents from the private sector working in the industrial ecosystem in line with Vision 2030. Empowering fresh graduates through the Nokhab program, a professional training program leading to an employment opportunity. • Providing programs for all levels of executives, directors, and managers to achieve the concept of inclusive training. • Designing and delivering an industrial leaders program that creates a common language and values and unifies efforts to achieve participatory goals and aspirations.

2- Building strategic partnerships with international and local educational entities

In its efforts to find and create successful cooperations with prestigious international and local entities for integrated development, growth, and empowerment of government and private sector employees working in the industrial field, SIDF Academy signed agreements with 13 educational and training entities. Most prominent among these entities were the Stanford Center for Professional Development, the London Business School, MIT and Berkeley universities, the Silicon Valley Innovation Center, the GCC Board Directors Institute (GCC BDI), and the Misk Academy.

Impact of this achievement

• Expertise and knowledge sharing with leading international entities in specialized training fields.
• Integration between SIDF and beneficiaries to introduce and advance key knowledge, concepts, and skills.

Beneficiaries of the various specialized programs at the Academy in 2021


Industry and Mineral Resources Leaders' Program


In cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Mineral Resources, SIDF Academy launched the Leaders of the Industry and Mineral Resources Ecosystem training program, under the patronage of His Excellency the Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources, Mr. Bandar bin Ibrahim Alkhorayef.

This program seeks to qualify 45 leaders of 12 entities working in the industry, mineral resources, and local content ecosystem and the NIDLP program. The program also aims to promote participatory leadership, innovation, and strategic thinking, introduce participants to the latest leadership practices in the industrial and mining sectors, align future and modern trends, and promote effective communication between leaders of entities working in the ecosystem and their supporting and enabling entities.

The 7-module training program started in November 2021 and is expected to be completed in November 2022. These training modules aim to develop the leaders' communication networks, keep up with the leadership's aspirations, conduct guidance sessions to develop leadership capabilities, build institutional strategies for entities, and achieve harmony among them to ensure the goals of the ecosystem are achieved. In addition, the modules include field visits to major global companies in the Silicon Valley, in addition to panel discussions on the latest topics in the fields of industry and mining, as well as innovation enablers.

The program is offered in partnership with leading international scientific and training entities, such as Larwood Consulting, the Stanford Center for Professional Development, the Silicon Valley Innovation Center, and MIT.

SIDF Young Leaders Council

Scope of the Council's work

The scope of the Young Leaders' Council is structured around four main areas, as follows:


Scope of advisory solutions

The Council provides advisory solutions through in-depth studies and research for various departments through the program.


Scope of development of the SIDF work

The Council provides recommendations by conducting comprehensive studies to identify improvement areas within SIDF.


Scope of Community Impact

Through the program, the Council promotes the work environment and represents SIDF in internal and external activities that inspire and motivate youth.


Scope of the Council's sustainability

Through the program, the Council ensures a smooth transition for new members to maintain the Council's operations and achievements.

Main Achievements of the Young Leaders Council in 2021:

During the past fiscal year, the Council has achieved a number of outstanding achievements.


Innovation Lab Project

The Council played a pivotal role in the development of the innovation strategy and an operational framework for the Innovation Lab, in cooperation with representatives of the Human Resources Department and the consultant company. Innovation Lab design and execution works were also launched on the seventeenth floor of the new SIDF building.


Follow-up on SIDF New Building Project

The Council continued to follow up on the internal and external design works for SIDF's new building at King Abdullah Financial District, in coordination and cooperation with the project team.


Updating Safety and Security Procedures

The Council continued its active efforts to develop procedures for the safety of vehicles in the new building project, in cooperation and coordination with the Support Services Department.


Strengthening Relations with Youth Councils

Reinforcing the relationship between the Council and other youth councils such as YLab at Aramco, in coordination with other SIDF departments and teams.


Social Initiatives

The Council has undertaken several distinguished initiatives within the framework of SIDF's social initiatives, such as its active participation in Al Nahda Society's (Mostakbali program), which included a presentation on SIDF departments and empowering Saudi youth.