SIDF Departments

SIDF pushes through limits to achieve all set objectives and planned projects to develop the industrial sector in Saudi Arabia. Such an effort is made possible by delivering a high level of integration and coordination between its different departments, which are:

Communication Department
We communicate to realize our vision
Legal Department
Finance Department
We provide cash-flow funding to support industrial loans
Information Technology Department
We provide the latest technologies tofacilitate procedures
Strategic Planning Department
Setting up SIDF Strategy, managing its annual plans and corporate performance
Human Resources Department
Talent incubator to secure SIDF future needs and enable the nation with industrial leaders
Support Services Department
We provide logistics services to ensure SIDF’s success
Business Development Department
Improving value proposition for our clients. We develop!
Portfolio Management
Client’s success is our main responsibility
Projects Studies Department (P​SD)
Responsibility of conducting studies on the technical dimensions, capital requirements and costs of each project
Marketing Studies Department (MSD)
We deliver complete market due diligence analysis on loan applications to ensure business viability and project competitive advantage
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
The management of all risks affecting SIDF ability to meet its goals
Credit Risk Department
We pave the safest way to achieve the Fund’s goals
Specialized Lending
Enabler of national strategic initiatives
Credit Relationship Management
The client's first point of contact
SIDF Academy
Building capabilities of SIDF employees, clients and industrial ecosystem
Technology Service Delivery
Keeping clients satisfied with the technology services provided
Governance and Compliance Department
Independent responsibility of complying with the regulations